A Big Thank You to Trinity Church

As members of Trinity Church, you have been so supportive of individuals in Light & Power in a variety of ways. It may seem like a small thing to give a few dollars, to say hi, to buy a donut after the service, or to listen attentively when someone is sharing … but these acts of love can be life-changing for those whom society often rejects and many churches ignore.

I am excited to provide a quick update on the results of the provisions you have graciously offered over this last year. First of all, we have had the privilege of funding the first Disability Ministry Intern at Trinity. This individual, George White, was a senior at Cal Baptist University. His career goal is to be a full-time pastor for individuals with disabilities. He quickly fostered relationships with about ten men in Light & Power, faithfully visiting them in their apartments, taking them to lunch, having short Bible studies and genuinely caring for them. Some of the men commented that this was the first time they had ever studied the Bible outside of church. George was able to assist them in reading and explaining things that were difficult to understand. He also made some great contacts with group home owners and individuals who come to Light & Power. Working in a group home can be very discouraging and lonely because you are encountering tasks such as showering and toileting adults who may have some difficult behaviors to deal with also. George was able to encourage them and model gracious Christian acceptance. He has now graduated and moved from the area, but we are so excited about the hiring of the new intern, Kellie McCutchan, who will be mentoring groups of women from the class.

The monies provided through the Advent Conspiracy campaign were used for gift certificates for Christmas, purchased the snacks for the Prom and are also being used for taking class members to lunch, the movies, out for coffee and other kinds of outings. For the most part, adults who have disabilities rely on Social Security for their monthly income and only have about $20 monthly to spend once bills are paid. Being able to treat someone to an Icee on the way home from church and even occasionally to a McDonalds meal is a huge deal. Additionally, there is something special about taking an adult with disabilities to Starbucks for a $4 cup of coffee. You are demonstrating to the individual and those around him in the establishment that he is worth this treat and the time to sit and chat.

In direct relation to your meeting needs in Light & Power, the class members have been encouraged to also be of service to others. Challenged by the Advent Conspiracy, Light & Power members faithfully passed the basket in November and December, encouraging each other to put in dimes and quarters. Through this sacrificial giving, we were so pleased to be able to provide four families with ducks through World Vision in January and now we are collecting monies for rabbits. We also purchased and stuffed 1,000 eggs for the Micah House Easter Egg Hunt. Some class members also serve consistently on the ushering/greeting team and help to lead worship in the church services.

We will continue to access some of the additional Advent Conspiracy funds for snacks at our summer movie nights and other social events throughout the fall. This is the first time in this ministry that we have had the extra monies to do things like this and it is a delight to bless others in such tangible ways. Light & Power is continuing to thrive and at 50+ members attending each Sunday, it is a true reflection of your love and acceptance! Thank you so much for your faithful support of this ministry!!!

~Kathi McNair

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