King’s Kids Overview

King’s Kids has not always been the large ministry it is today at Trinity. In fact, it started in 1994 when the church was looking for a way to support just one single family in the church who had a child born with special needs. Our original King’s Kid is now a teenager who actively participates in the youth programs offered. Several King’s Kids have now “moved up” to the Middle School level and continue to utilize a “Buddy” when needed.

Today, King’s Kids supports more than 20 families. It is an outreach initiative of Trinity Learning Center (TLC) focusing on infants to 5th graders who may need special assistance during any of the three services on Sunday mornings. Trinity wants Special Needs children to have complete access to the wonderful learning experiences available to all of TLC’s other kids. Prayer, Bible study, friendship, and exciting activities & events are not limited in TLC!

King’s Kids supports families in a number of ways:

Special Buddies
Parents can relax and enjoy a Sunday morning of worship and fellowship, knowing their child is safe and cared for by a special Buddy who will help him or her participate in TLC programs. Volunteer Buddies are Middle School, High School and College students, as well as adults, who have been given individual training to minister to the specific needs of each child.

Parent’s Night Out
King’s Kids leaders sponsor a semi-monthly “Parent’s Night Out” so moms and dads may take a breather. The evening includes a pizza dinner, crafts and games for the King’s Kid and his/her siblings. A calendar of events is listed on our website with information regarding Parent’s Night Out and the Parent’s Support Group.

King’s Kids Parents Support Group
During alternate months, King’s Kids moms, dads and friends gather at church for a time of sharing information and support. Topics pertinent to raising a child with a disability are discussed. Special speakers are often featured. Childcare is provided. This group is open to the public and visitors are welcome.

Special Events
Throughout the year, King’s Kids provides family activities including the annual Christmas Party and Pool Party.

Family Orientation
A Family Orientation is an opportunity to informally meet you and your child, discuss his or her needs, and learn how we can help him or her participate as fully as possible. We are not specialists, but we do love Jesus and His kids – yours included. For more information regarding a Family Orientation, contact Kim Simons, Pastor of Children’s Ministries at Trinity Church, (909) 335-7333, x132, or

~Ben Uribes

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