Light & Power Worship Team

Each Sunday morning, after enthusiastic greetings, sharing and enjoying snacks donated by Panera Bread, the Light & Power Worship team is summoned to the front of the room with “Let’s fire it up, worship team!” Scraping of chairs and squeaks of wheelchairs & walkers are heard as the 10 worship team members make their way forward. Faithfully facilitated by Candy Ginn and led on a rotation basis by Charlie Leonard, Eldon Rynders and Tim Polen (accompanied on the bongos by Hap Botelho along with class members using various percussion instruments) class members sing favorites along with some new songs that are introduced. What the team possibly lacks in vocal ability is more than overshadowed by their great passion and genuine love for the Lord!

Bodies sway, hands are lifted spontaneously and voices are raised loudly as the team leads in singing. “Amens” and clapping can be heard throughout the class and there are oftentimes prayers offered at the end of specific songs. One of the most treasured songs, I Have a Maker, states that God knows each of our names and has formed our hearts.

Truly each of us, independent of our disability, has been uniquely formed and created to bring Him glory.

That is demonstrated fully in our Light & Power class through worship, sharing, praying, and fellowshipping on Sundays and through our many social events. You are always welcome to join our social activities and we encourage you to visit us to experience this inclusive worship time!

~Kathi McNair

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