Disability Resources

Navigating Puberty With Your Special Need Child, March 15, 2009

Dr. Jeff & Kathi McNair, Educators
Dr. Stephanie Jefferson, Psychologist
Dr. John Mace, Endocrinology, Loma Linda
Presentations from NACSPED 2007

Universal Design by Kathi McNair

The Nuts and Bolts of Maintaining a Disability Ministry by Rachael Watters

Sibling Issues in Families Who Have a Child with a Disability by Doug & Lynn Richards

Joni and Friends www.joniandfriends.org 

National Organization on Disability www.nod.org
More than 55 million Americans (1 in 5) have some form of physical, intellectual, or psychological disability.Over 5 million children have some form of disability. Over 3,250 of these children are served in the Redlands and Yucaipa -Calimesa School District.There are over 44,000 kids with disabilities served by regional programs and San Bernardino County Schools.”Only 32% of Americans with cognitive disabilities, age 18 to 64, are working. Work opportunities determine and are determined by the ability to secure affordable, accessible housing; accessible transportation; health care; assistive technology; education; opportunities to socialize, and participate in community and political life. Jobs are the ticket to greater freedom, independence, and the chance to fully participate in and contribute to society.”
—National Organization on Disability